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Business & Wellness Coaching

Take your business to the next level, aligning it with your passion and purpose, whilst making an impact in the world and having the freedom and success you crave.

What I do


Soulpreneur Space

Group business mentoring and coaching to elevate your purpose & ignite your impact

1:1 Mentoring

Private 1:1 mentoring and coaching to get you where you need to be

Corporate Coaching

Performance coaching for your team, driving motivation and business success

Self Paced Learning

We have self paced business courses and programmes to help you get started

Why Debi Barr?

A Soulpreneur with more than a decade’s experience

Debi Barr is a multifaceted professional dedicated to fostering holistic well-being, spiritual growth, and personal empowerment. With a background deeply rooted in healing, Reiki, tarot reading, coaching, and mentoring, Debi has crafted a unique brand that seamlessly integrates various aspects of wellness and personal development.

As the founder of Rocks n Rituals, Debi has established a wellness arm that offers healing services and tarot readings, providing individuals with a sacred space for self-discovery and healing. Through Reiki Training NI, she imparts accredited Reiki training, sharing her expertise and guiding others on their journeys to becoming certified practitioners.

At the heart of Debi’s business is her personal identity and her values of integrity, authenticity and confidence shine through. She channels her passion for coaching and mentoring, offering personalised guidance to individuals seeking empowerment and growth, whether personally or professionally.

Her coaching approach combines professional expertise with a spiritual foundation, creating a unique space where clients can explore their potential and align with their life’s purpose.

It is a harmonious blend of professionalism, spirituality, and authenticity. Through her coaching and mentoring services, she not only addresses the surface-level needs of her clients but also guides them toward building true confidence, self-empowerment, and a holistic sense of well-being.

In essence, Debi Barr is not just a practitioner; she is a guide, mentor, and facilitator of transformative journeys. Her holistic approach weaves together the threads of healing, training, coaching, and mentoring, creating a tapestry that reflects her commitment to helping individuals embrace their true selves and live authentically.

What my clients say

In September 2021 the feeling of being lost and going through the motions of life, began to become overwhelming. I knew I had to do something because the life I was living and the person I was, was not who I was meant to be.

After working with Debi, I gained the clarity of who I was and what I am meant to do. And that is to help others heal.

That jigsaw piece, that never really fitted, now slots right into place.


Wellbeing by Vanessa

When I was building my new business a few years ago I booked a one-to-one business mentoring appointment with Debi. We discussed my business where I was and where I wanted to be. Debi talked me through planning, social media and how to engage and attract new clients.

Last month I booked another business mentoring with Debi to look at development for my business growth. Debi come up with ideas that really helped me look at how to make an income even when I am not working!

Debi listens to the needs of your business and helps you develop a plan on how to move forward.

Her business advice and support has been very valuable to me as a self employed business owner.


Glow Beauty & Holistics

Debi has been one of my biggest cheerleaders when it came to launching my own business, with her knowing I was ready long before I did. I will be forever grateful for every interaction I have had and am still to have with Debi, I couldn’t recommend her services enough and would recommend any spiritual beings seeking support and community to get in touch with her asap, you won’t regret it!


Unravel with Tori

Debi is amazing! Her extensive knowledge of her subject matters, her sincerity and trustworthiness is what draws you to her as well as her ability to create a safe space for her community. Working with Debi brought my dream into a reality. Debi is honest and tells you straight but constructively and she does make us laugh! When I’m stressing she says to me ‘just breathe!’ and I know when I hear that, I’m in safe hands and her calmness will guide me and get me and my business back on track . 



I’ve had the pleasure of working with Debi for a number of years both in spiritual learning and in developing my own business That Nice Dog Lady.

I needed help to develop a business mindset that was soul led, full of integrity and played to my strengths and needs. Debi will give you all of that and more. She will encourage you, challenge you and support you throughout without you needing to compromise your own values and beliefs. She will give you all the tools you need and be a true cheerleader in your corner. Funny, down to earth and a treasure trove of information. Debi invests in developing her skills so will always have relevant and up to date tools and these have allowed me to create the freedom and work life balance in my own life and business.


That Nice Dog Lady


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